Diddy Allegedly Threatens To ‘Beat Up’ Cassie’s New Boyfriend


Diddy Allegedly Threatens To ‘Beat Up’ Cassie’s New Boyfriend

Diddy Allegedly Threatens To ‘Beat Up’ Cassie’s New Boyfriend: MTO is reporting that rap mogul, Diddy has threatened to beat up Cassie‘s new boyfriend Alex Fine for ‘stealing her away from him’

This comes after it was claimed in a previous report that Alex Fine who is a fitness trainer, was hired by Diddy to be Cassie’s personal trainer and keep her body in shape but he ended up sleeping with her and made her his woman instead.


Now MTO News is claiming Diddy feels disrespected by Alex Fine for stealing Cassie who he dated for 10-years.


Diddy threatened to beat up Cassie’s new boyfriend, personal trainer Alex Fine, MTO News has learned.

Two people close to Cassie claim that Diddy has sent “threats” to Alex – using mutual acquaintances to pass along the intimidation . The insider explained, “[Diddy] basically let Alex know, that when he sees [Alex] he wants a fade.”

The insider added, “It’s not a fade over Cassie leaving. It’s just what [Alex] did was very disrespectful. Diddy hired him, and he [stole] his girl [Cassie]”

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