Kanye West Trails Kid Cudi Album Tracklist


Kanye West Trails Kid Cudi Album Tracklist

As of Friday, Kanye West’s 8th studio album Ye has arrived, but it’s just the second of five projects he’s producing within a month. Next up is Kids See Ghosts, the name of his duo with frequent collaborator Kid Cudi. Like Ye and Pusha T’s DAYTONA before it, the project will be 7 tracks in length, and while it’s due out in under a week’s time, Kanye is still finalizing the tracklist.




In a pair of tweets posted Friday night, Kanye shared photos of a whiteboard in which an incomplete tracklist for the upcoming Cudi collaboration. Though track 4 remains blank, the other four slots are filled with tentative titles including an eponymous track called “Kids See Ghosts” and “Feel The Love.”

1. Feel The Love
2. Kids See Ghosts
3. 4th Dimension
5. Cudi Montage
6. Devils Watch
7. Reborn

On the second of the two images, the word “Extasy” is written just underneath the tracklist. It seems likely that this could be another song under consideration to make the final cut.

Curiously, the Ye tracklist, which appears beside the Kids See Ghosts draft features “Medulla Oblongata” as track 3 rather than “All Mine,” as released on Friday’s album. It’s unclear if this was a working title for the song or another track entirely. View the tweets above.

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