“Shameless” Star Ethan Cutkosky Reportedly Arrested For DUI In Los Angeles


It appears Carl Gallagher got busted for a DUI last week in LA.

If you’re a fan of the hit series on Showtime Shameless, then you probably already know that Carl Gallagher is one bad ass little kid who went from selling drugs on the block to turning his life around in the Army. But for years, Carl was a trouble teenager who liked to party and get in trouble with law often. However it appears the actor that plays Carl in the show, Ethan Cutkosky, also likes to get himself in trouble with the law or he’s following in Carl’s steps.


According to TMZ, 18-year old Ethan Cutkosky got arrested and booked last Thursday for DUI in the L.A. area. Police say Ethan was driving his orange BMW at around 10:30 PM when he began to straddle the traffic lanes, which prompted cops to then pull him over. He was asked to do a field sobriety test and reportedly did very poorly in his attempt, which resulted in him getting arrested on the spot.

It’s unclear at the moment on whether the DUI was alcohol or drug related, but it couldn’t have happened at worse time for so-called “Carl.” Season 8 of Shameless just kicked off two nights ago, and its likely the cast had promo runs these past few weeks so this definitely doesn’t help.

Ironically enough, a similar scenario happened just last week with another big television premiere and actor. Strangers Things actor Charlie Heaton had to turn around and go back to London after traces of cocaine was found in his travel bag at LAX. He was able to avoid the arrest by going back overseas where he came from before entering the states, but as a result it cost him all the promo runs & premiere/party for the Season 2 of the Netflix hit-series. And it definitely doesn’t look good with bossman either.

We’ll keep you posted if any further info on Carl’s Ethan’s DUI comes available. In the meantime, check out this hilarious clip of Carl leaving prison in Shameless’ season premiere from two seasons ago right here. In the clip, you can see how Carl is such a little bad ass, but hopefully it’s not getting too much to Ethan’s head.

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