Tupac Insults Dr. Dre, Jay-Z In Lost Liner Notes



Tupac Insults Dr. Dre, Jay-Z In Lost Liner Notes

The writing is explosive and insulting. 2Pac calls out Jacques “Haitian Jack” Agnant and Walter “King Tut” Johnson for the Quad Recording Studios shooting of 1994. He also accuses several people, including Puff Daddy and The Notorious B.I.G., of “quietly conspiring my downfall.”


Elsewhere, he calls Wendy Williams “a fat bitch,” Mobb Deep “no record selling asses,” and Dr. Dre a “closet homo.” He goes on to sarcastically thank other artists in a similarly disparaging way, including Nas, Lil’ Kim, Faith Evans, De La Soul, and JAY-Z. He signs out as Makaveli.

Only a small portion of this version appeared on the album’s actual liner notes. “WAR TIME! Worldwide, Nationwide, Citywide, Real Niggaz Do Real Things,” read the final version. Gotta Have says that a “very close friend of Tupac’s” provided this longer copy.

The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory dropped as a Makaveli project in 1996, shortly after Tupac Shakur’s death at the age of 25. Tupac auctions have been lucrative. In 2016, one of his letters sold for $172,000. Last year, the BMW he was shot inside went on sale for $1.5 million.


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