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Rangers Manager Steven Gerrard Reacts To Manchester United’s Sacking Of Jose Mourinho


Rangers manager Steven Gerrard offered words of sympathy to Jose Mourinho after he sacked by Manchester United on Tuesday.

Jose Mourinho made his name in the English game with Chelsea, and one of his long-term foes of that era was Liverpool legend Gerrard, who encountered the Portuguese on multiple occasions as the two clubs locked horns.


And Gerrard, who came close to signing for Mourinho’s Chelsea during his Liverpool playing days, was asked for his thoughts about his axing on Tuesday.

“It’s big news but it’s none of my business,” Gerrard said, before eulogising about the now ex-United boss.

“He’s obviously a world-class manager. He’s been a rival for many, many years when I played,” he added.

“He’s a winner, isn’t he? I mean, how can I sit here and say anything about Jose Mourinho? He’s a serial winner, he always has been everywhere he’s gone. He’s been sacked at United but he’s won them a couple of trophies.

“He’s done the best job since Alex Ferguson’s left. It seemed they sort of struggled before that but Jose came in and put a couple of trophies in the cabinet, so I don’t think you can criticise him too much.

“It will be interesting to see which direction they go in now with the new manager but none of the Manchester United fans will care what I say about it, so it’s none of my business.”

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